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The collaborative minds Dalton Faulk and Michael DeBriel team up to be the Premium CBD & Hemp Derived THC supplier in the region! Mr. Faulk with a degree in Biological Sciences, and previous ambitious of pre-med turned pro-cannabis due to personally seeing the benefits through his battle with epilepsy. Mr. DeBriel with a Bachelor of Business Administration in General Management, and a lifelong passion of bringing healthy alternatives to the region. Mr. Faulk and Mr. DeBriel graduated from East Tennessee State University in 2020, each with their respective degree. They have teamed up to offer only the highest quality products on the market, with an emphasis on building a reliable and trustworthy name in the community. The focus will be on educating customers and building personal connections, rather than pushing a sale.


Dalton Faulk

My personal interest in the field has come from my personal use of CBD to help alleviate my epilepsy. I was first diagnosed with epilepsy in summer of 2012. This was my freshman year of high school, and something that I was completely blindsided by. However, I didn’t let this hinder me as I pushed on to graduate Valid Victorian from high school. Although fine on the outside my epilepsy was still something that I tried to hide for I didn’t feel comfortable with it. It wasn’t until I began to rethink my ‘weakness’ as something I could identify with, and help others cope with that I slowly accepted my condition. With this mindset I entered college at East Tennessee State University in Fall of 2016 dedicated to entering the medical field. I started on a Pre-med track studying biological sciences. All started out well, but I slowly realized this came with immense pressure as well as social stigma. I had continuously tried to mold myself to this model, but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t make it work for deep down I knew with my passion in cannabis, and knowing its immense benefits that more people could be helped. With true emotions & career path at odds I kept pushing my own true feelings down and pursued on. All of this amid having rampant seizures, and countless failed medical tests and procedures throughout college and beyond. With quitting not an option I pushed on to graduate Summa Cum Laude with a B.S in Biology. Still chasing a false dream, I further pushed on to even take my MCATs and even having a seizure during my second attempt. It was from there, again after failed hospital studies and visits that I finally came to terms with my true self as well as became confident enough to admit this to others. Keeping the mindset to help others but in an alternative medical field I finally made the transition into the field that I am in now, and one I genuinely love and am passionate for. Now it was time to make this dream a realization, and this is where I slowly started to make my public transition into the industry. I began with high hopes of wanting to move out west to the legal states where I thought there would be more opportunity. However, I slowly realized this was a little outlandish. After coming to terms with staying more local I set forth at a job for a local CBD company. I began working there in January of 2021 under the management of Mikey. From there, I quickly moved up to manager myself as I managed another local location from March 2021 till September 2021 when I made my exit. With my knowledge quickly expanding, and opportunities knocking I decided to open my own CBD store. I know that with my science-based background, and personal experience with the product combined with Mikeys equal mindset and B.B.A in General Management that we can bring some of the highest quality alternative based options to our community!


Mikey DeBriel

Throughout my teenage years the popularity of medical cannabis skyrocketed, and I remember being mesmerized by the industry and what it had to offer. As someone who wanted to pursue a career in the medical field, I became more and more interested in this ‘new’ area of medicine. My best friend, Jacob, and I decided to plan how we would make it from the hills of East Tennessee to the western states where medical cannabis was legally flourishing. We decided that I would continue the medical route, and he would pursue a degree in business administration, then combine our knowledge to hit it full force. Tragedy struck as our junior year came to an end... on March 8, 2015, Jacob passed away from an accidental opioid overdose. I was naïve to how rampant the opioid epidemic was in our nation, especially in smaller towns like ours, until it hit me right in the face. So not only was I devastated, but I also slowly began to question many of the conventional medical practices that I was about to pursue a degree in. I started my freshman year of college at East Tennessee State University in August of 2016. Within the year, I aced my prerequisites and had been accepted into nursing school a semester ahead of schedule. Most people would be ecstatic, but I only remember a pit forming in my stomach. I had told myself that was what I wanted until the moment I realized that it wasn’t. I couldn’t help but remember the disconnect I felt between provider and patient throughout my clinical rotations in school. Although I met many incredible providers who would do anything they could for their patients, there was only so much they could do. The problem is systemic. We live in a culture where Americans are prescribed opioids 6-8 times more than in any other country. I felt as if I was contributing more to the problem rather than helping people by pursuing a conventional medical career. I knew I could do much more good through the cannabis industry, so I declined my acceptance letter to nursing school and began pursuing a degree in Business Administration. I worked in sales and management for a local hemp company throughout my undergrad and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.B.A in General Management in 2020. I then studied Medical Cannabis Science & Therapeutics at the University of Maryland for a year, but wanted to bring that knowledge to my own community instead of going to a state where medical cannabis was already legal. With similar visions in mind, Dalton and I decided to team up to bring top of the line education and products to the communities we’ve grown up in. We’ve prided ourselves in building a transparent company that puts customers’ needs first, while also being leaders in advocacy for our region. Our backgrounds coincide to give us unique knowledge and insights that you won’t find anywhere else!